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Better Healthcare strives to provide high quality rehab therapy that meets the unique needs of the patients we serve.  Our therapists are committed to the continual process and dynamic integration of Evidence Based Practice.  Effective and efficient assessment and therapy pathways are set in motion all while reflecting  the individualized values, interests,  and choices of clients and their caregivers.

Better Healthcare has a strong culture of ethics and compliance.  Our Corporate Compliance Program is committed to developing and implementing policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance with federal and state healthcare program requirements at the organizational level through:

  • Implementing policies, procedures and standards of conduct

  • Ongoing effective training/ education

  • Intra and inter -facility communication

  • Internal monitoring / auditing

  • Prompt response to detected offenses/ findings

Our Clinical Forum page offers our Corporate and Rehab team access to discipline specific research, clinical pathways, and guidance related to our Corporate Compliance Program.

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