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Group Health Benefit Forms:


Use the Group Health Benefit Forms to get information about the benefits avaiable to regular employees and obtain enrollment forms to participate in the Better Healthcare Group Health Benefit.

Tip: For a quick group benefit response you can return completed enrollment forms
by email: or fax to 914-373-6521 attention: Human Resource Dept.

Health Insurance Info
2.25k Deductible
6k Deductible
1k Deductible

Contact Info:


1-800-US-AETNA (1-800-872-3862)



Dental Member Services
Call Center: 1-800-541-7846
Hours: Call from 5:00am to 5:30pm, 
Monday-Friday, PST



(Short term disability carrier)


Toll-free 1-800-365-4999

Phone 516-829-8100

Fax 516-504-6412


Payroll Forms:


Use the Payroll Forms to obtain information regarding Payroll Schedule as well as changes that need to be made to Direct Deposit and/or Tax information.


Tip: Please complete and return the completed payroll form(s) by email: or fax to 914-373-6521 attention: Payroll, 7 days prior to the next Pay Date for the quickest results.

Other / Miscellaneous Forms:

The forms listed in the section are used for a various other functions. If you have any questions regarding any of the specified forms below please contact your manager or send an e-mail to

401k – Vanguard - Effective 12-1-18


More information to come in a few weeks

  Iprovison of Care, Treatment and Services

  Patient Assessment & Reassessment

  Patient Care Procedures

  Speech-Language Pathology

  Patient and Family Education

  Discharge Planning

  Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Services

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